April 19, 2019
After I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, I had some ideas about how the story could be improved.
We begin the movie with our main villain, the Vulture (a.k.a. Adrian Toomes). His salvage crew is put out of business by the Department of Damage Control. Jump ahead, he is now leading an underground, black market organization specializing in exotic weaponry. Cut scene. Marvel logo comes into view and we are now with Peter Parker.
This beginning scene isn't bad. If anything, I would say it gives the audience a little bit more reason to sympathize for Adrian. Though, I feel the overall story would benefit if we take this scene out. That way, we begin the movie with Peter Parker and we wouldn't know anything more than he does about our villain. Not only is he innocent going into this, but so are we. I feel like that would be so cool. As he is finding out about who the Vulture is himself, we get to find out with him. We get to go on this mysterious journey with Spider-Man. The questions he has throughout the movie are the same ones we are asking ourselves. I feel like that would make for such a better and interactive story.
So with that scene cut, we now begin the film with a fun video diary by Peter Parker. At one point in the diary, we see Tony Stark and Peter making an alibi clip for Aunt May. I took out Tony's first words because it was an inappropriate comment towards Aunt May. It's as simple as that.
The last scene I changed is when we time jump from Peter arriving back home to riding on the subway. Three words pop up at the bottom of the screen..."TWO MONTHS LATER". I took those words out because I want the audience to get the idea that time has passed through the storytelling itself. Without the words, I can instantly tell that it's been some time since anyone has reached out to Peter. And I make this inference from the way the movie was pieced together. From the acting, to the editing, and even to the sound. These are ways that the filmmakers communicate with us. So I believe that leaving out "TWO MONTHS LATER" propels this scene into its true potential.
With that said, I hope you enjoy this edit.
Spider-Man: Homecoming (Beginning Re-Edited)
Original Video via Sony Pictures Entertainment
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