April 14, 2020
In the movie, Nacho Libre , Nacho wants to give the orphans a better life. I relate this to the food we see in the movie.
I like to see the salad as a symbol of prosperity, blessing, and abundance of life. It starts to become almost like a character in the movie. "Salad" actually begins to show up more frequently throughout the movie as Nacho and Esqueleto (Nacho's partner) progress in their wrestling journey. We even see Esqueleto eating a salad at one point. That is a huge difference from when we first saw him scrounging the streets, eating "the Lord's cheeps" (haha). The salad resembles Esqueleto's growth as a character.
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Before Nacho started wrestling, the orphanage ate a lot of leftovers. They had few fresh ingredients. But then as Nacho began wrestling, he was able to afford a variety of nutritious ingredients for everyone.
A scene that really stands out is when Nacho dishes out fresh salads for the first time. It's a big deal. The kids' faces light up, they're ecstatic! The atmosphere is lively, the music during the scene is upbeat. Each salad has a fun and unique design. One even has tomatoes in the shape of a caterpillar on it. Not only that, but Nacho is happier and livelier as well. He's walking in a newfound confidence.
The salad... is a representation for life.
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