April 28th, 2020
I think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a movie that never had to be made, in regards to Indiana's story.  The way we left off with Indy in The Last Crusade was a perfect ending to the film series... riding off into the sunset.  But almost 20 years later in 2008, we get our fourth installment.  There are things in this film that I am not a fan of and there are things in this film that I am a fan of.  One happens to be the character of Henry "Mutt" Jones III.
In my opinion, Mutt is a great character. He is a fresh addition, giving a lot of dynamic to the story.  And for this blog, I want to focus on his introduction into the film.
Movie Clip via Harley-Davidson Bosphorus
Before he even says a word, we get a profound impression of Mutt.  The motorcycle "rev" is almost like the audial extension of his entrance.  With little regard to those around him, Mutt is completely selling the tough guy look.  I say "selling" because this "Tough Guy, I Don't Care" personality is only what Mutt wants you to see.
If you pay close attention, we start to see his real character unfold.  As he is riding down the platform, looking for Dr. Jones, he is very confident and intentional.  We see glimpses of his sharp mind and determined spirit as he scans the train to find the right guy.  And presumably enough, he does.
In Indy and Mutt's conversation, Mutt is a little short on verbal respect and courtesy.  But he is actually very considerate and tender-hearted towards the ones he cares about.  We see this in his facial expression and tone as he mentions that someone is going to kill a close friend of his.
Image via IMDb
So what can we gather from Mutt's introduction?  Well for starters, he is definitely a motorcycle guy.  He is confident in himself (almost cocky at moments) and very straight to the point on how he addresses a situation.  To top it off, he has a loving and caring heart for people that mean something to him. 
But this is only the beginning of our Henry "Mutt" Jones III.  In my next blog, I will be taking a dive into his complete character arc.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and gleaned something from it.  Until next time.
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