We work with passionate and skilled individuals to bring your brand video to reality. These individuals consist of valuable cast and crew members, but below is the core foundation of our team.
Asher white | OWNER
Asher fell in love with filmmaking at a young age. He started freelancing in high school and officially established Asher White Film™ in 2020.
His passion for filmmaking is rooted in the desire to create films that are original and bring a positive impact. He loves to shepherd a story from start to finish, and he does so with a deep care for every aspect of the filmmaking process.
When he's not happily doing anything film related, you'll find Asher spending time with his lovely wife, Lourdes.
Even before marriage, Lourdes was involved in Asher's filmmaking endeavors. She provided valuable insight that helped Asher grow not only as a filmmaker, but as a business owner. To this day, she still serves as a trusty confidant.
Lourdes is currently finishing her Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.